Naked Wines launches an English sparkling wine to be named by the British public

Thursday 25th August 2016,

  • This evening, Naked Wines customers will get the opportunity to pre-fund a new English sparkling wine – which will be ready to drink in 2018
  • It’s a unique opportunity to make English winemaking history – investors will be involved in the final blend of the wine, its name, and the design of the label
  • Crowdfunding of the new wine will be 100% risk-free. If 1,200 customers pledge to order, the £112,000 raised will help pay for winery equipment and the winemaking process

Naked Wines, the online crowd-funded wine business, is launching a crowdfunding campaign for a new English sparkling wine with a purpose – to give the British public a chance to be part of winemaking history.

Winemaking is one of the UK’s fastest growing industries. Over the past five years, sales of sparkling wines have risen by 80% in the UK (Source: UHY Hacker Young)


British husband and wife winemaking team, Charles and Ruth Simpson, escaped the rat race 14 years ago. The pair left high-flying careers at GlaxoSmithKline and the humanitarian sector, to open their winery, Domaine Sainte Rose, in France’s Languedoc region.

In 2014 they brought their dream back to the UK, returning to their roots to make their first ever English sparkling wine. Their first harvest is planned for next month, with the newly named wine to be ready in 2018.  The couple are also soon to launch their new state-of-the-art winery and tasting room in the renovated barns between their vineyards in Barham.

Naked Wines are hoping to raise £112,000 from the sale of 1,200 6-packs of the Simpson’s sparkling wine. Proceeds from the crowdfunding will be used to pay for winery equipment and pre-fund the time-consuming and expensive ‘Method Traditional’ winemaking process.

Unlike any wine in the UK before, Naked Wines ‘Angel’ customers will be given the chance to completely shape their new wine. By investing in advance of production, Angels will vote on the name, brand and design. They will even get the opportunity to visit the vineyard in Barham, near Canterbury to get inspiration. (We’re afraid that Winey McWineface has already been vetoed from the name selection – sorry Angels!)

Eamon Fitzgerald, MD of Naked Wines commented:

“We’re so excited that Charles and Ruth have decided to work with Naked Wines for their first English sparkling wine. They are seriously talented winemakers who will produce a top-notch English Wine for our Angels. The rise of English wines over the past years has been astounding. For our customers to be involved in naming and designing the newest addition is a fantastic opportunity.”

See Charles and Ruth in action here:

The crowdfunding campaign will launch here at 8pm on 25 August:

About Naked Wines:

Founded in 2008 Naked Wines funds independent winemakers to make exclusive wines at preferential prices, which they pass onto customers. Through crowdfunding independent winemakers Naked makes great wine an everyday pleasure, not a privilege. Naked Wines currently has 152 winemakers in 14 countries and 301,000 Mature ‘Angel’ customers worldwide. Sales for the year ended 28 March 2016 were £104.3m.


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