English Wine Week Food Pairing: Day 2

Part 2 of our English Wine Week food pairing series, today we pair a tasty Lemon Sole and Clam dish with Chapel Down’s crisp Flint Dry 2018.

Chapel Down Flint Dry 2018

REGION: Kent   GRAPES: White Blend

Not only is this wine one of the most accessible English wines on the market, but it's also a very versatile food pairing option with all of its aromatic, zesty energy.

I find this works so very well with light seafood dishes, so I paired with a delicately grilled lemon sole with samphire and clams.

The Flint Dry has a charming character of zesty citrus, hints of tropical fruit and crunchy green apples. The crisp, fresh acidity is a perfect pairing to the fleshy fish and salty notes from the samphire.

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Lemon Sole with Samphire & Clams (Serves 2)

Ingredients: 2 Lemon Sole Fillets, 500g clams, 1 Pack Samphire, Fresh Parsley & Dill, Butter, White Wine


  1. Season lemon sole with salt & pepper, fry on each side for 3 minutes
  2. Melt knob of butter in another pan, add clams and 100ml of wine, fry until clams start to open
  3. Add samphire in with the clams and stir
  4. Finally, add a knob of butter into the fish pan together with chopped fresh herbs & more pepper if required.
  5. Serve samphire and clams on plate and top with the lemon sole. Dress with the herb butter and fresh dill strands.

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