English Wine Week Food Pairing: Day 4

It wouldn't be English Wine Week without a Bacchus food pairing, and I think this pairing of Blackbook's Tamesis Bacchus 2018 with sushi is one that has to be tried!

Blackbook Tamesis Bacchus 2018

REGION: London   GRAPES: Bacchus

Having decided that Blackbook's delicious London Bacchus was a wine I wanted to revisit to try out its food pairing credentials, I asked winemaker and former sommelier, Sergio, what he suggested to pair with his 'Tamesis'. Sushi was his response, and having just returned from a holiday in Japan, this sounded right up my street!

The wine itself has a rather fascinating character, with aromas of citrus rind and fresh herbs, with the signature light floral notes and tropical fruit you expect from Bacchus.

To taste, it begins with brisk acidity and tangy green orchard fruit, before the floral, herbaceous charms kick in.

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Nigiri Sushi Pairing

On this occasion, I cheated and ordered in some tasty, freshly made sushi from a local restaurant. I opted for a selection of nigiri including salmon, tuna, sea bass, sweet prawn and grilled eel.

This sushi pairing was both unconventional and incredibly effective. While the purity of the wine was a great partner to the sushi staples of raw salmon and tuna, it was both the grilled eel and sweet prawn nigiri that were the standout pairings.

The crispness and citrus energy of the Blackbook cut nicely through the sweeter, more fatty texture of the eel. Meanwhile, the punchy qualities and light salinity of the Bacchus proved to be a rather tasty pairing to the sweet prawn.

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