Titchfield Vineyard Tudor Celebration 2014

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The Titchfield Tudor Celebration is a red wine made from a blend of Rondo, Regent and Dunkelfelder.

This wine is visibly a lot darker and more viscous than the Pinot Noir, with a deep purple hue.

The nose is a little closed on this wine at first, but after a little breathing you’ll discover notes of kirsch cherry, blackberry and quite dominant pronounced woody notes.

The palate initially appears a little aggressive; acidity is bold and accompanied by big dark cherry and tart blackcurrant flavours. The woody notes again make quite an impression and there’s a nice tannin texture on the finish.

Overall quite a bold and powerful wine, definitely worth a try considering the price point of £9, worth a try for those wanting an English red with a bit more power than the lighter Pinot Noir.

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