Astley Late Harvest 2017

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I’ve featured quite a few wines from Astley Vineyard over the course of the year, as their releases often defy convention thanks to unusual grape varieties and great winemaking.

This is the Worcestershire producer’s first dessert wine since the re-brand, and you can’t help but be drawn in after taking a sniff. Big on the rose petal aromatics, with orange peel and tropical fruit thanks to the Siegerrebe grape.

What I liked about this wine was it’s a balance; it’s not a full-on sticky fest. Initially highly aromatic, with lychee and rosewater flavours, complemented by light candied citrus peel and dried apricot note.

The sugar and acidity levels are perfectly balanced and ensure that this is a wine not dominated by sweetness, lending itself perfectly to partnering both savoury cheeses and pastry-based desserts.

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