Nyetimber Rosé MV (2014 Base Wine)

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It’s been a busy year for Nyetimber, and with the Rosé MV being widely on offer at under £30 pre-Christmas, I thought it was time to revisit this English classic.

The latest Nyetimber Rosé MV is a blend 52% Pinot Noir and 48% Chardonnay, largely made from the 2014 vintage with 18% of the 2013 vintage blended in.

What I noticed straight away was that this latest release has a deeper, more striking hue. The nose also suggests rich red berry aromatics; wild strawberry and raspberry with a hint of winter spice.

Three years on lees and 6 months under cork feels perfect for this rosé. The Nyetimber has a citrus-led bite, followed by a rush of bright red fruit intensity. There’s a lovely weight to the mid-taste, more ripe strawberry than creaminess – letting the fruit take centre stage.

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