1086 by Nyetimber 2013

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It’s always exciting to try a new 1086 wine from Nyetimber. Past releases have represented some of the most refined and textural English sparkling wines out there. The 2013 vintage is also a special one;  many of my favourite and most memorable English sparkling wines were born from that year – both Nyetimber’s own and other producers across the country. So the expectation of this wine was already pretty high.

And it certainly doesn’t disappoint, opening up with a complex and alluring nose of red apple, nectarine skin and hints of honeyed fruit. Also notes of roasted almond, chalk and lemon keep everything bright and fresh.

Where this really starts to sing is on the palate: initial bursts of lemon and tingling salinity are partnered with crisp apple, but there’s a slender softness with silky soft bubbles that makes this wine incredibly compelling and indulgent.

The red fruit (49% percent of the total blend) really starts to emerge as the wine opens in the glass, with hints of cranberry, red cherry and almond coming to the forefront as the wine warms.

I’m a firm believer in putting my money where my mouth is – and with 2013 being my wedding year, I’ve already invested in a case of the 1086 2013 for future celebrations.

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