Breaky Bottom Cuvée Sir Harry Kroto 2013

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After my previous visit to Breaky Bottom in March this year, I had been patiently waiting for an excuse to revisit Lewes and to hear the next chapter of Peter Hall’s wonderful stories.

With two new Cuvées released in May, it felt like the perfect reason to return on a beautifully sunny afternoon.

The first of the new wines is Seyval Blanc 2013, already an International Wine Challenge Silver Medal winner. This Cuvée is named after Sir Harry Kroto, who’s scientific repertoire included the discovery of the C60 molecule, of which his part led him to become a Nobel Prize winner. As a dear friend of Peter, this is a most fitting tribute to Sir Harry, who sadly passed away last year.

So what of the wine? It’s got that pale, slightly green tint one expects from a Seyval, with slight hints of golden tones. The aromas are fresh and crisp – lots of lemon and lime citrus character, hints of lemongrass and hedgerow.

And the taste? Classic Breaky Bottom as Peter puts it himself. Brilliant angular cutting acidity that drives through potent zesty fruit character. Green coxes apple and lemon flavours dominate and focussed and precise palate.

What impresses most about this wine is the length, where citrus, mineral and slightly grassy notes cling on to your taste buds and just don’t want to let go.

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  1. Dear John

    Re: “discovery of the C60 molecule, of which his part led him to become a Noble Prize winner”

    I expect you would wish to correct the spelling of the adjective “Noble” to the Swedish name “Nobel”, the name of the Swedish philanthropist who funded his eponymous prize, and inventor of dynamite.

    Regards – Paul

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