Chapel Down Kit’s Coty Bacchus 2021

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If there’s one producer that has defined Bacchus and introduced the grape to more wine drinkers than anyone else, it’s Chapel Down. Their seminal entry-level Bacchus is England’s highest-production wine and still showed very well in our Bacchus Spotlight Tasting. On the other end of the spectrum is Kit’s Coty Bacchus, a smaller-scale Bacchus that brings barrel ageing and wild yeasts into the mix.

The nose was an immediate draw, with more tangerine and satsuma citrus than the usual Bacchus lemon and lime. We also picked up notes of Earl Grey tea, grapefruit, peach skin and mint.

To taste, the Kit’s continued to impress with its broad and diverse flavour profile of grilled lime, tangerine, blood orange and beautiful herbaceous complexity. Hints of nettle and a delicate layer of spiced oak lingering in the background sealed the deal.

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