Coolhurst Demi-Sec Rose 2016

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With their striking branding and previous impressive releases, I was really excited to hear that rosé experts, Coolhurst, were releasing a rosé demi-sec. This sweeter style of sparkling wine will have between 32-50 grams of sugar per litre, and Coolhurst made theirs from 100% Pinot Noir from the 2016 vintage.

It’s deceivingly pale in colour, but certainly not in character! The nose has some delightful complexities, combining maraschino cherry with notes of orange peel, baked pastry and caramel.

To taste, it’s all about the red berries initially, with ripe red cherry and wild strawberry flavours bringing a generous, smooth weight, while striking freshness perfectly matches the sweeter flavour profile. With hints of spice and winter berry notes in addition to the sublime balance, this is one of the best English demi-secs I’ve tried, and sure to be a hit this summer!

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