Oastbrook Rosé 2014

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This delightful Oastbrook is made from Auxerrois, blended with 27% Pinot Noir to produce a soft, supple and very approachable rosé.

The Oastbrook has confident pink hues, very lively but tiny bubbles and a vibrant nose of ripe strawberry, raspberry and hints of candy floss.

On the palate, a generous dosage of 11g/l surprisingly doesn’t overwhelm, but compliments the red berry richness. It flows so very well with its English summer strawberry flavours and hints of darker berry spice. This confident rosé is suited to those who find the angular acidity of some English sparkling wines a little bracing. Perhaps the perfect valentines day rosé?

This is the first release from Oastbrook, founded by amiable and lively America Brewer. She has big plans for her boutique vineyard, which uniquely features a Hobbit House as the centrepiece.

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