The Summer of English Sparkling Rosé Part 1

The summer weather has finally arrived in England. Straight off the back of a week of glorious sunshine and heat, I thought it was high time for a roundup of some of the country’s finest English Sparkling Rosé’s. Here at, we are championing English Rosé as the drink of the summer. So weather you’re having a summer barbecue with friends and family, looking for a beach-side refreshment or simply want something pink and lovely – there’s something for you here. So why not cast aside that Prosecco, put down the Pinot Grigio and expel that Provence rosé this summer!

With such a huge selection of superb English pink sparkling wines, I’ve split this feature over two parts. Come back next week for Part 2, including wonderful wines from Wiston Estate, Gusbourne, Digby and many more!

Albury Estate Sparkling Rosé 2014

GRAPES: Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier   RRP: £33   Region: Surrey

The first sparkling rosé from Albury; a blend of Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier and Chardonnay with winemaking duties handled by Litmus Wines. A fully Organic certified wine made from biodynamic grapes.

The Albury wine has a very delicate pale bronze tone and streams of fine bubbles. Aromas of red apple and cherry with hints of toast and candied sugar.

Pleasingly crisp with a much cleaner profile than some; pure red currant and raspberry flavours. A zippy citrus streak and lively acidity leads to a fine mousse with light creamy textures.

The summer red fruit flavours really come out on the finish which has great hold.

Where to Buy: Albury Vineyard


Camel Valley Pinot Noir Rosé Brut 2014

GRAPES: Pinot Noir   RRP: £27   Region: Cornwall

The latest vintage of what is in my opinion the best in a very impressive range of Sparkling wines from Bob and Sam Lindo of Camel Valley.

Plentiful streams of bubbles effortlessly flow in this pink tinted beauty.

Pure and focussed aromas of strawberry, raspberry, cherry with a refreshing citrus edge and slight floral hints.

Gorgeous full and fruity palate – strawberries and cream with a summer berry fusion. The fruit is really at the forefront here, making it prime summer drinking fizz!

Where to Buy: Camel Valley, Waitrose Cellar


Exton Park Rosé NV

GRAPES: Pinot Noir & Pinot Meunier   RRP: £30   Region: Hampshire

A blend of 70% Pinot Noir and 30% Pinot Meunier that opens up with that purity and precision we have come to expect from Exton Park. Clean aromas of strawberry and cherry with subtle yeasty character.

Being a non-vintage blend, this wine stands for having such a smooth and balanced profile.

The hints of autolytic character; toasted brioche and pastry notes partner brilliantly with that pure red fruit expression.

This is a true wine lovers rosé, as is Exton Park other wonderful pink offering, the Pinot Meunier Rosé.

Where to Buy: Exton ParkHawkins Bros.


Greyfriars Rosé Reserve 2014

GRAPES: Pinot Noir   RRP: £21   Region: Surrey

Wonderful pink hues, darker in colour than some with suitably vivacious streams of persistent bubbles.

A rich nose full of ripe strawberry and cherry aromas with a twist of vanilla spice and sweet brioche notes.

With the latest vintage, Greyfriars added a small amount of Pinot Meunier in with the Pinot Noir, which I feel adds an extra depth to the wine. Fresh tingling citrus with red currant and cherry flavours up front.

A third of the wine was fermented in oak, which brings a wonderful rounded texture and weight to what would otherwise be a very fresh wine. The hints of spice on the finish make this a hugely enjoyable bottle, and it’s also the cheapest in our lineup at just £21 direct from the winery!

Where to Buy: Greyfriars Vineyard

Harrow & Hope Brut Rosé 2014

GRAPES: Pinot Noir & Chardonnay   RRP: £30   Region: Marlow

Another delectable pink tinted rosé, Harrow & Hope’s second vintage adds 30% Chardonnay to the Pinot Noir, with 30% fermented in oak.

This wine felt broader than some of the other examples, and opens up with a nose of sweet red apples, strawberries, ripe cherries with hints of sugar and spice.

Fuller on the palate, this wine has a wonderfully rounded quality thanks to excellent fruit ripeness and the textures induced from the oak.

Fresh acidity and a crisp apple bite soon melts to warming rounded fruit cocktail of strawberry, cherry and stone fruit. Creamy with great weight, hints of spice and a delightful drying finish.

Where to Buy: Harrow & Hope, Laithwaites


High Clandon Aurora Cuvée 2011

GRAPES: Chardonnay & Pinot Noir   RRP: £35   Region: Surrey

High Clandon is a labour of love for owners Bruce & Sibylla. Their vision is clear – great wines need a lot. This is their first ever rosé, a blend of 71% Chardonnay and 29% Pinot Noir that has spent 5 years on the lees.

A bronzed and salmon coloured rose with refined bubbles that show superb persistence. Immediately different character on the nose; the red fruit minimal, with more complex aromas of toasted nut, biscuit and orange peel.

The taste is also more mature, led by a crisp bracing acidity and citrus zest. Delicate flavours of ripe strawberry with lots of biscuit complexity.

Absolutely one of the finest Rosé's I’ve had this year – this is a real triumph for patience!

Where to Buy: High Clandon


Lyme Bay Rosé Brut 2014

GRAPES: Pinot Noir   RRP: £25   Region: Devon

Made from 100% Pinot Noir grown entirely at Lyme Bay’s own Southcote Estate. 

This wine has excellent glass appeal – a prominent but pale pink hue that echoes the carefully matched colour of the foil on the bottle. Fine streams of bubbles lift aromas of strawberry and raspberry with hints of sweet nutty pastry. 

A superbly harmonious rosé that has a striking profile with flavours of red apple and raspberry up front. The mid taste is more rounded, though with a redcurrant tang in the background.

Slightly sweeter than some, but there's still a brilliant cutting acidity that keeps it fresh. This is the ultimate summer barbecue rosé!

Where to Buy: Lyme Bay Winery


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