Bluebell Hindleap Rosé 2014

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Fresh from the lovely people at Bluebell Vineyard is this crisp, delicious new 2014 vintage Rosé. This vintage is made from a red grape-only blend of 53% Pinot Noir and 47% Pinot Meunier.

The relatively large proportion of Meunier in the blend lends this wine a delicate hue of pale salmon.

Delicious red fruit aromas of wild strawberry and raspberry, with the slightest hint of candyfloss and spice.

This delicate sparkling rosé has a surprisingly deep flavour profile, beginning with tangy cranberry, citrus and raspberry flavours. The flavour evolves with hints of baked red apple and the slightest suggestion of sweet pastry.

Elegant, refined, and with a lengthy finish that will keep you reaching for another pour.

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