Glyndwr Red 2014

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The Glyndwr branding is successful at crafting a historic feel. And it’s fitting – it may not be as old as the 14th Century Welsh hero that inspires its name, but the vines that produce the Rondo and Regent grapes were planted in 1982, making Glyndwr the oldest commercial vineyard in Wales.

The hue is the darkest of purple with an approachable light-bodied appearance. I got scents of dead twigs and tree bark. That woody, earthy character commands the nose and the palate. There’s some muddy, trodden berry but it’s mostly rustic and baked in flavour.

I can’t say there’s much body, ripeness or alcohol. I’m not down on this wine though. It’s got a depth and boldness I enjoy. It’s like a grumpy Beaujolais with a splash of earthy Cinsault.

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