Woolton Chardonnay Pet-Nat 2020

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Something you don’t come across every day is a Chardonnay-based English Pét-Nat that is off-dry in style. Kentish vineyard, Woolton, was planted in 2011 and has launched an array of diverse wines this year.

You’ll first notice the hazy appearance of the wine. That’s because with Pét-Nat the wine is transferred from tank into bottle mid-fermentation with the yeast, where it continues to ferment, and naturally creates carbon dioxide and bubbles in the bottle.

The pale lemon hues are echoed by a of nose of lemon zest, sherbet and ripe pear, with a hint of toasty lees.

Taste-wise, there’s an initial burst of citrus energy and green apple crunch. It’s really rather delightful, with a light off-dry sweetness that adds body and a light generosity compared to the sometimes bracing dryness of most Pét-Nat wines. Intriguing but delicious.

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