1086 Nyetimber Rosé 2010

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The 1086 Rosé is a blend of 75% Pinot Noir and 25% Chardonnay that spent approximately 5 years on the lees and 2 years under cork before release.

With its autumnal hues of pink and orange leading to a charismatic and unique nose of wild winter berry fruit, crushed minerals and hints of herbaceous winter spice and savoury notes, you know you are in for a treat here.

The palate is initially brisk and almost austere, however, with a little air and time in the glass, the tension explodes into an appealing fusion of ripe red fruit and cassis. Honeyed pastry notes add weight, while a precise and clean mineral streak provide a robust and elegant backbone to this delicate but expressive Rosé.

For a moment I was lost in the glass with the perfect balance between clarity, elegance and underlying complexity, before the returning realisation that few will be able to sample the brilliance of this wine at the wallet-busting price point of £175. However, are these wines really any more of an outrageous proposal as a bottle of Dom Perignon or other similar prestige cuvée Champagne? After all, at this price point in Champagne, you are not only paying for exceptional winemaking but for the story, theatre and spectacle of an aspirational luxury product. The Nyetimber 1086 wines confidently satisfy all of these qualities.

Now celebrating 30 inspirational years pioneering an exciting emerging industry, Nyetimber has once again elevated English sparkling wine to new heights with 1086.

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