Albourne Estate Rosé 2015

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Albourne Estate has, over the last few years, established itself as one of the brightest lights in textural, distinctive still English wines. The family-owned boutique producer has taken big steps forward this year with the release of its first Vermouth, as well as three exceptional new sparkling wines.

Upon pouring this confident, deep, red-tinted beauty,  you already know you are in for a treat. Its aromas are open and rich, full of wild strawberry and red cherry. If this doesn’t shout Pinot Noir at you, then I don’t know what will.

This Rosé de Noirs is generous to taste, with ripe red berry fruit flavours leading the way. For such a youthful release there’s a remarkably honeyed mid-taste with just a hint of winter spice coming from all those lovely Pinot Noir grapes.

This is a fun, fruity and playful wine with an underlying red berry fruit purity that remains firmly true to Albourne Estate’s established stylistic expression.

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