Exton Park RB23 Rosé

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Over the years I’ve been tasting Exton Park wines, the rosé has been their most improved and arguable most distinctive wine. This rosé is made in the direct pressing method – without skin contact (Saignée Method) or red wine blending (Assemblage Method). Instead, the colour is extracted from the red grapes’ direct pressing to extract the colour from the skin.

On the nose there’s intoxicating cranberry, cherry, and pink grapefruit, with a generous sprinkling of cherry blossom and a slight suggestion of savoury pastry.

I found this release fascinating. I’m generally more of a fan of the deeper, more expressive rosé than the traditionally delicate style, but this wine – forgive the pun – cherry-picks the best qualities of both styles.

The wine greets your with that signature zest, crunch and tingling minerality that all of the Exton Park wines express so very brightly. But again, it’s that sense of journey, the brisk entry leading to the softer tones of ripe cherry, raspberry and peach that add structure and weight, without ever taking over from that precise, clean fruit and tingling minerality – spellbinding!

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