Chapel Down Kit’s Coty Chardonnay 2012

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This was the standout wine for me at a very thorough tasting during our recent tour at Chapel Down.

We were hoping to get a taste of the new 2013 vintage, but we were one week early, but have to say an extra year in the bottle has allowed this 2012 to develop into something really special.

On the nose there’s bags of lovely stone fruit aromas accompanied hints of apple, tropical fruit and even orange oil. There’s also a rather beautiful toasted oak vanilla character thanks to 9 months ageing in French oak.

The layers of character and flavour continue through on the palate, as the wine greets the drinker with crisp acidity and tangy apple. The mid taste is a decidedly smooth affair with apricot and peach and a lovely creamy weight. Tropical bursts of pineapple and a pronounced but subtle oaky finish.

Think textures of white Burgundy with an underlying crisp fresh English expression.

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