Dalwood Vineyard Madeleine Angevine Solaris 2017

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With this white blend of Madeleine Angevine (60%) and Solaris (40%), Dalwood Estate, a village cooperative of family and friends, continues to punch above its weight.

The unmistakable floral and zesty citrus notes from the Madeleine are ever-present, while the Solaris brings riper hints of fleshy cantaloupe melon and tropical fruit salad.

Light and refreshing, the Dalwood teases with a lively green citrus crunch, before the delicate floral and melon notes take hold. Impressive grassy textures lead to a fresh and surprisingly lengthy finish.

Both grapes in this blend have proven to be very adept at pairing with fresh seafood from the South of England, and I see this as being a fantastic pairing for grilled or barbecued seafood this summer.

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