Dalwood Vineyard Still White Wine 2020

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I’ve written previously on how Mike Huskin’s Dalwood Still White Wine has forced me to sit up and take notice of English White Wine blends and not just focus on the single varietal wines. This 2020 is another stellar vintage of his curious blend of Madeleine Angevine, Solaris and Seyval Blanc.

On the nose there are aromas of lemon and lime zest, pear drops and crunchy orchard fruit, with a seasoning of fresh ginger and white flowers.

This wine really sings on the palate, initially bursting with vibrant citrus and crunchy green fruit, then softening to ripe peach and mango notes. Finally, there’s a lengthy finish of grapefruit and minerality, with that hint of ginger lingering in the background too.

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