Litmus Orange Bacchus 2019

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Where to start with this wine – it’s a real mind-bender, a true ‘Marmite’ wine that some will love and others will hate. And it so it should be, being a maverick Orange Bacchus that was fermented on skins for 16 weeks.

The nose already gives you a suggestion of what you are going to experience with aromas of dandelion, fennel seed, dried tropical fruit, banana peel and spiced citrus peel. Does that sound like any other English wine?

The taste is similarly polarising, yet, for me, strangely alluring as one starts to appreciate its nuances. There is both an austerity, with the pithy, green, almost bitter notes, followed by a generosity of dried mango and over-ripe banana, and an almost creamy texture as it warms, with a tannic black tea finish. Props to John Worontschak and the Litmus team for being brave enough to produce this.

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