Litmus White Pinot 2011

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Pale golden in the glass with a slight pink tint thanks to the Pinot Noir, the nose on this wine is intoxicating and powerful.

Notes of ripe peach, honey, melon with spice and cooling tingling menthol/eucalyptus. There’s also definitely hints of red fruit in there.

Palate is similarly weighty with flavours of baked, slightly tart pear and apple, moving on to smooth silky honeyed vanilla and toasted notes. It’s just so rich and smooth with the weight of a great Burgundy white.

The finish just goes on and on! Drying end notes of spiced poached pear, lots of mineral & rich woody vanilla.

It’s like an English equivalent to Pouilly-Fuissé, but with a few red berry hints throughout to remind you of its Pinot Noir origins.

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