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Two years on from my last visit; I had the chance to return to Oxney Organic Estate this month, one of England’s few Organic producers. They now have a fully-fledged wine range, including two entry-level NV sparkling blends. First up is their brut ‘Estate NV’, which is a blend of all of the varieties grown at Oxney: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Meunier & Seyval Blanc.

I loved the nose on this, as its super fresh and elegant; lots of clean orchard fruit aromas of red apple and pear, seasoned with hints of red berries and toasted nut.

It’s bright and brisk to taste, with a flourish of crisp apples and hints of white peach, before a wave of tangy red fruit and light spiced almond notes.

Overall, a very refreshing and tasty NV entry offering from Oxney, and at £25 a bottle, I’m pretty sure that makes it the best priced Organic English sparkling wine on the market right now.

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