Albourne Estate Estate Selection 2015

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I was very excited to try the latest wines from Albourne; this range not only looks wonderful, but also demonstrates the Estate’s signature vibrancy and clarity.

The 2015 vintage of the Estate Selection is a blend of 48% Pinot Gris, 29% Pinot Blanc and 23% Bacchus. 2015 was a challenging year, but the low yielding late September ripening Pinot Gris provided a wonderful ripe base for this wine.

This wine opens up with a beautifully vivid nose; ripe fleshy peach, lime zest and gooseberry with mineral notes and hints of white pepper.

One the palate, the Pinot’s signature acidity shines through with bright lemon and lime flavours. Then, a wonderful tropical fruit salad of pineapple and peach develops, with that citrus undertone taking more of a grapefruit tang.

This citrus character really lingers, with hints of minerality along with some floral hues, presumably attributable to the Bacchus in the blend.

A striking wine, with interesting textures and complexities that hold your interest throughout.

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