Flint Vineyard Silex Blanc 2018

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With a couple of very good vintages under its belt, Norfolk’s Flint Vineyard feels like it’s really entering its stride with vintage 2018. I loved last month’s Pinot Noir Précoce but this brand new Silex Blanc is really something else.

With Silex meaning Flint in French, this wine is an intriguing white blend of 55% Pinot Noir and the 45% Solaris. It’s aromatically outstanding, with a fragrant nose of dried citrus peels, tropical fruit, mint and chalk stone.

The palate has poise, texture and nuance; simply put, it’s fantastic. There is a bright, tangy, intense limey bite up front that leads to ripe, juicy tropical fruits and tangerine oil flavours. There’s bags of complexity in the form of floral, mineral and nutty notes with excellent length.

This wine was such an exciting sip, and my favourite of an incredibly strong line-up of 2018 wines from Flint.

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