Ridgeview South Ridge Rosé 2011

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Ridgeview are one of England’s biggest producers, this is their Champagne style rosé blend of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier produced exclusively for Laithwaites.

This wine is curiously named after English Scientist Christopher Merret. It was Merret who (according to some historians), invented and documented the secondary bottle fermentation method of producing sparkling wines over 20 years before Dom Perignon was credited with inventing the Champagne traditional method of sparkling wine.

This is the 2011 vintage, though I’ve also got a bottle of the newly released 2013 to try soon. The extra time in the bottle appears to have imparted rich toasted brioche, biscuit and hints of spice on the nose with fresh citrus and raspberry hues.

Rich and creamy on the palate, a refined mouse and good hints of biscuit and brioche. The red berries really stand out on the finish, as rounded red fruit flavours of raspberry and slight cranberry tartness come the front of the palate.

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